Are you are looking for a tool that helps to quickly grow your business?

If yes, you are at the right place.

If you are a growing agency owner or a freelancer who is consistently adding new clients then “Flywheel Growth Suite” is for you.

Read this Flywheel Growth Suite review till the end to know about this powerful tool.

What is a Flywheel Growth Suite?

Managing multiple clients at the same time is a tricky process and to make this process simple Flywheel launched its new product “Flywheel Growth Suite“.

Flywheel Growth Suite is the all-in-one solution or a set of tools for your growing business. You can manage everything that needs to grow your agency in one place.

This powerful suite helps you to save a lot of time and maintain a smooth workflow. 

Growth Suite lets you:

  • Bill your clients automatically on a regular basis
  • Invoice your clients efficiently for projects and one time services
  • Choose the currency that your clients would like to be billed in
  • With recurring reports branded by your agency, you can prove your value to clients
  • Develop intuitive insights that predict revenue
  • Manage all your sites in one place
  • Develop a client experience that is professional (and customized)
  • Create a library containing your unique services to re-use
  • Powered by Flywheel trusted managed WordPress hosting platform, you’ll get speed, security, and support

Problems Growth Suite solves for agencies

It can be challenging for emerging agencies to take on new business as they face all kinds of distractions and obstacles.

  • It can be difficult to track revenue 
  • There is a lot to manage when it comes to billing and invoicing 
  • When you’re buried under inconsistent workflow, putting your clients first can be challenging 
  • Growing your business can be difficult, but being data-informed can be even more difficult! 
  • You may have to manage a lot of apps and software

Growth Suite can solve all these pain points. With this product, growing agencies and freelancers can manage their clients, manage subscriptions and billing for wordpress hosting, gain revenue insights, and manage all these processes in one place.

Flywheel Growth Suite Features and Benefits

1. Growth Dashboard

This is one of the best features of Growth Suite because at one place you can view revenue trends, monthly recurring revenue, payments of clients, and average revenue per client.

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2. Recurring and one-time invoicing

You can get paid on time by your clients for one-time and recurring services. Growth Suite manages your entire book of business.

recurring and one time invoicing
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3. Client Management

It is challenging to manage all clients when you are in a growing phase. Growth Suite tools can help to scale your agency with its set of tools: client portal, agency-branded client reports integrated with Google Analytics, email communication, and CRM.

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4. Client reports

You can create customizable reports for your clients and are delivered automatically. Clients will find valuable information in them: usage statistics, backup logs, even Google Analytics stats.

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5. Bulk Site Management

The Growth Suite plan’s bulk site management gives you an overview of your entire growth suite. 

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6. Resell managed WordPress hosting

You can earn monthly recurring revenue by adding Flywheel services into your services packages

resell manage wordpress hosting
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7. Fully integrated with Stripe

Ensure your clients are securely billed.

8. Automated communication

We send out emails with your brand to your clients.

9. All under your own brand

Provide white-labeled temporary domains, client portals, and client emails.

10. Client portal

A secure customer portal where your clients can contact you, edit their personal information, and submit payments.

How Growth Suite Can Help You To Grow your Agency

As your agency grows, it becomes difficult to manage everything. 

Let’s see how Flywheel Growth Suite can help you manage and grow your agency faster.

1. Get insights into your revenue by tracking all of it together

The best way to grow your business is to gain a broad view of your revenue stream. You can better plan for trends, and start making data-informed decisions about your business strategy and services once you know which clients are paying promptly, hosting revenue insights, and projects that generate more profit.

2. Invoice your clients efficiently and reliably

Your first instinct may be to accommodate individual invoicing and payment requests when you begin taking on clients. You may initially succeed with a separate billing process, but as you grow, managing clients with separate, disconnected billing processes will lead to frustration.

A single and reliable billing and invoicing process reduces confusion and ensures you’re getting paid for everything you do.

3. Develop a clear scope of work for your service offerings

In order to be effective at scale, it is vital you define your list of products and services, including tiered offerings, where appropriate, in order to set client expectations.

4. A trusted managed hosting platform offers speed, security, and support

Following the above suggestions will help you to effectively manage your clients as you provide more services as your business grows. Last but not least, make sure the work you’re doing and the sites you’re building are hosted on a fast, reliable platform.  


Flywheel Growth Suite is the all-in-one solution for growing agencies and freelancers.

With Flywheel’s trusted and reliable hosting platform, Growth Suite allows you to keep track of clients, set up invoicing, and visualize revenue insights. 

Scale your business rapidly and predictably with Growth Suite’s features and tools. Your clients will see you as a hero and you will feel confident with the services you are selling!

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