If you want to know how to create an order form in wordpress then you are in the right place. If you own a business or want to sell your stuff online then you need to create an order form this.

In this post, I will guide how you can create a simple order easily with and without payments.

Let’s start.

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How Can I Create an Order Form?

With the WPForm plugin, you can easily create an order form for your website.

You can create two types of form:

  • With Payment form
  • Without Payment form

Step 1: Create a simple form

First, you need to install the WPForms wordpress plugin. After installing activate this plugin and navigate to add new button.

Now you will see ready to use form template so, you need to click on Order Form.

This will redirect to the customization of the form. Here you can easily customize it according to your choice. There is some amazing option to add in your forms like image choice, a coupon code field, product options, and multi-step form.

After successfully customizing your form click on the save button.

Step 2: Configure forms notifications

When some fill the order form you will get an email notification. You can change notification settings in this panel if you don’t want to get an email then you can send notifications to your team members.

To do this click on the setting tab and then tap on notifications.

Here click on show smart tags option in the send to email address.

Now type your email address in the email section.

You can also add a personalize the message.

Step 3: Setup form confirmation

Here you will get three types of confirmation options, you can choose any of them.

Message – This is the by default option. When a customer completes the order form then an ordinary confirmation will appear.

Page Redirect – If you have a thank you page then you can easily redirect your customers on that page.

URL Redirect – If you want to send your customer to a specific URL then you do it here.

To set up, confirmation click on the setting tab then navigate to confirmation and choose your type.

Now click to save button.

Setp 4: Setup payment options

WPForms is one of the best form plugin available in the market. If you want to collect payments then you need to set up payment settings.

WPForms easily integrates with Authorize. Net, Stripe, and PayPal.

To set up payment options click on the payment options.

Here you can easily add payment options by filling essential details.

Now click on the Save button.

If you want to create a form without payment then ignore the payment settings.

Hurray! You have successfully created an order form for your wordpress website. Now to add this form simply edit your post and click on add WPForms icon and select your form.

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WPForm is one of the best WordPress form plugins. create your order form in just a few steps.

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