Sometimes, we worry about our inabilities. You feel so anxious about what will happen to you when you fail while doing a particular thing. Wait a minute, does this really matter? Of course, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are moving forward and helping your target audience.

Moreover, you can’t make anything out of your ideas when you are afraid of trying it yourself. Yes, fear won’t allow you to fix your writing anxiety. That’s why you need to eliminate your fears in other to fix your writing anxiety and move on with your writing life. And for you to do this, you must know some cool secret of blogging that can elevate you from nothing to somewhere.

Because if you don’t know the right way to build your blog, you will find it difficult to achieve your goals. That’s it, every blogging success you attend requires that you plan out your strategies properly to get through it perfectly.

For you to get your readers to engage well with your article you need to know how to present your ideas in a very unique way. If you want to grab their attention, you must feed their eyes with enticing and captivating words.

That stick there eyeballs to your article for a long time. Instead of getting too anxious about the worst that will happen to you when you fail in your writing. Practicing these cool blogging habits will transform you from a developing writer to a better blogger.

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1. Read more

Don’t be an overthinking buddy. You have to read instead of thinking always and doing nothing because this is the best way to fix your writing anxiety. If you want to eliminate your writing anxiety.

You must develop the habit of doing proper research on the topic you want to write about very well. You will find out that those beautiful ideas will pop up from nowhere into your head. Then, you will begin to flow well with your writing. That’s the truth, you have to read more to learn better about a topic you want to write.

Because the major causes of writing anxiety are your ignorance of what a particular topic is all about. Once you know what your readers want to learn about when reading your piece.

You will find it easier to brainstorm more wonderful ideas to explain the problem better. Because you know the problem better, you will find it easier to concentrate and deal with the problem properly. Don’t quit reading, learn to read more so that you can gather more ideas to write on.

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2. Write before you criticize your ideas

This is one of the things many anxious writers don’t know. You don’t need to keep judging your ideas before you put them down on a piece of paper or your editor screen.

Write them down first, after that, analyze your ideas to find out if the points in those sentences align well with your article main idea. Before you thing of squeeze it or scraping it away.

Read through it thoroughly to see if it is suitable for explaining your ideas. If it is not, they replace it with a more suitable one. Don’t make the silly mistake of over criticizing your writing. Because if you overdo it, it can hinder your writing progress.

Doing this alone can make you feel silly even when you are really making sense in your writing. You need to develop your writing confidence.

Don’t be too ambitious about your writing. If you really mean to fix your writing anxiety in other to move on with your writing life. You must learn to see the best in yourself. Think positive about your ideas. Don’t look down on yourself. Because you never can tell how much those wonderful ideas worth to someone out there.

I mean what I am saying, those ideas you thing are useless might actually be what a particular person needs to build his or her hope to hang on till they become successful in life. If you don’t air out your opinion, there is every tendency that you are hurting someone that was meant to be encouraged by your words.

3. Create short term goals

This is the magic spot of successful writing. If you really want to succeed in your writing you must learn to split your writing into smaller chunks. So that you can actualize them bit by bit in parts. You can start anywhere. All you need is to create a small goal for yourself to see how things work out for you. When you accomplish those small goals.

Then you can move on to the next part of your writing. You will find out that you will feel more courageous to do more. This feeling of courage in you will help you a long way to fix your writing anxiety. You will fear less about bad things happening to you. Because you are optimistic about where you are actually heading to in your writing.

This is actually the great benefit of setting short term goals. Setting short term goals will help you to discover your level of expertise in handling issues related to your field of writing. In addition to this, it will help you to move from a daydreamer to a writer in reality.

Setting short term goals will help you to discover the exact level of seriousness you need to devote to your writing. Doing this will help you to know that not all simple tasks require simple strategies. It will give you insight into what works and what doesn’t work in reality.

You will get to know why you need to learn more. Because setting a goal and trying to achieve it will make you more anxious to do something. You will see the need to take action every day.

When you take more actions, write every day, you will learn different things from the experience you will get. Sometimes you will get positive feedback and sometimes you will get something discouraging.

When you do this it will help you to come out of your dreams and begin to work in the reality of life. You will discover the value of good friends. Not only this, but it will also force you to learn how to build a good relationship with people. It will transform from your old self into a better you.

Setting short term goals will force you to find a way to solve a problem faster. Because you know that you have very little time to do anything. You will become so time conscious and hardworking.

4. Seek help when you need it

Because you want to achieve your targeted goals within a specified time. You will most time see the need to seek help. When you get stuck in the middle of your attempts.

This is normal, every human need help when things get stuff. In the same manner, as a writer, you need to seek help from people who are more experienced than you, when you see the need to do so.

Doing this will help you to fix your writing anxiety. Because once you get help from a better-experienced writer when you are stuck up in your writing. It will help you to ease the writing tension that builds up when you feel frustrated.

Now get this into the back of your mind. Never you doubt your abilities or even the possibility of getting help from people around you. Be positive about yourself. Think positive about people around you too. Don’t give up trying to do anything. Keep going with the struggle and you will one-day breakthrough that disturbing problems with wonderful solutions.

5. Question your doubt instead of conceding it

The reason you need to do this is that, doubting the possibility of solving your problems won’t help you. It will only keep you in a vicious circle of frustration.

Always do your best not to concede your doubt, but always questions their relevance to your situation. Because sometimes they exist in your writing life only to hinder you from seeing the big picture of your writing success. When you do this it will help you to fix your writing anxiety.

That’s why you really need to be positive-minded to become a good writer. You need to think more positively about your writing life. Do not over pressurize yourself into giving up, because you want to achieve a particular goal within a very short time. Instead, give yourself some time to learn the curves of writing better.

Then after that, you will find out that, you will begin to achieve most of the successes you have been struggling to achieve in time past.

Take-home advise for all anxious writers

If you feel anxious about your writing. Remember to do this, read daily, criticize yourself less, set small goals, seek help from people around you. In addition to this, write always, and don’t forget to make an attempt to do all those things that scare you the most.

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